• Me: I also need to watch Silicon Valley.
  • Clinton: What's that?
  • Me: It's a TV show about companies in the Silicon Valley.
  • Clinton: What's it about?
  • Me: Well, it's about companies in the Silicon Valley.
  • Clinton: Oh yeah, what's it called?
  • Me: ... Silicon Valley.
  • Clinton: Yeah, sorry, I really need to finish this.

Francisco Lachowski | Harper’s Bazaar Men Thailand, Spring 2014

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"I’m studying a picture of a goddamn penis. This is the worst. I didn’t know there were so many things in a penis."


Remember That Time

Sarah and Nelson saw a bird eat half a pie, dropped it over fourth floor, and Sarah was left with a half eaten pie when its owners came back?

"That moment when an agent calls you in the middle of Geisel and you pick up not knowing who it is and then she’s like there talking and you’re just in the middle of geisel and you dont want to lose the call and she asks you the lineup and you practically vomit on the phone while trying to run to a safe place to talk"


  • Graham: Sometimes I'll go to a show when a band comes through, and there will be like 15 people there. Then I'll think, this is awesome, I'll definitely come back again.
  • Anthony: Which Huj show was that?

Hipster Puns

  • Me: (complete silence) hey Brandon I like your music
  • Brandon: thanks it's pretty hipster. No one'a ever heard it.

"Apparently lots of stunt doubles are pretty qualified."


On JGL's Stunt Double

  • Kyle: I look way more like him than his stunt double does.
  • Me: Yeah, but I bet he can do way more stunts than you.
  • Kyle: What, I can ride a bike.


happy weekend to you, cat.


happy weekend to you, cat.

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